Instagram Enters Into E-Commerce

Instagram Enters Into E-Commerce
Instagram Enters Into E-Commerce

Instagram in a big move on Tuesday described its expansion into an online shopping destination.

The company announced that users now will be able to make purchases of some products directly within the app, getting through the social network’s multi-year flirtation with becoming a real player in online shopping.

Big-names in retail like Nike and Zara, as well as new brands like Outdoor Voices and Warby Parker,  have already participated in the initial rollout.

Instagram has proven to be a platform to be good enough for business, where the best consumer brands can get new people to discover their products and inspire shoppers to covet.

Now, the company wants to fill the gap between product discovery and purchase. Besides, it has the chance to do a thing that no other social network like, Pinterest or Twitter or even Amazon, has done i.e. build a big business inside a mobile app.

On the other hand, Amazon has consistently failed at becoming a destination for discovery shopping. That’s a kind of shopping where you might uncover something and develop desire, but you actually don’t need it.

Such type of shopping that many Americans still consider a form of entertainment still makes up a large chunk of total commerce transactions in the country today.

Despite all other factors, Instagram has a good chance as any company at building a massive online platform for discovery shopping.

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