‘Amazon Day’ Allows Prime Members To Choose Weekly Delivery Date

‘Amazon Day’ Allows Prime Members To Choose Weekly Delivery Date
‘Amazon Day’ Allows Prime Members To Choose Weekly Delivery Date

Days after announcing its objective to reach 50 percent carbon neutral shipments by 2030, Amazon rolled out a new delivery innovation.

Amazon Prime members across the US can now choose one day of the week, named “Amazon Day,” to receive orders. The packages will be grouped and dispatched together, ideally promoting fewer packages.

The regular fast, free shipping options are also available for any items not included in the Amazon Day haul.

Maria Renz, vice president of delivery experience, says that Amazon Day puts up another degree of convenience to the many shipping benefits Prime members already enjoy.

To utilize the feature, the customer has to simply put some products into the digital cart, then, at checkout, choose an Amazon Day. The saved option will appear as an additional preference along with regular Prime delivery speeds.

The company has been testing this program with a group of Prime members. Hence, Amazon Day has already reduced packaging by tens of thousands of boxes and would continue to fall down once the feature is available to prime members countrywide.

This initiative is part of the company’s recently-announced Shipment Zero project.
Amazon has a long-term goal to power its global infrastructure using 100 percent renewable energy.

Moreover, another e-commerce giant Etsy is walking through the same path. The company unveiled proud plans to offset 100 percent of carbon emissions generated by shipping. From now, every time someone buys an item online, Etsy will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, called “offsets.”

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